Fractional Defined

What is a Fractional?

Credit: John Arms, co-founder

Fractional Defined.jpeg

In other words, a fractional is a part-time fully embedded leader and the only difference between a fractional and their full-time counterpart, is that they are part-time.

What is fractional not?

Fractional is not just any part-time role, nor is it a freelancer, consultant, advisor, or interim. The below chart will help differentiate a fractional role from these other leadership roles.

Credit: Karina Mikhli, Founder of Fractionals United

The Relationship Spectrum.png
Credit: Kurt Hahlbeck and Patrick Seaton, New Generation Consulting

Who should hire a fractional and why?

Any SMB (small to mid size business), startup, or scaleup that is on a budget but needs leadership expertise and experience to help them survive or thrive.

Credit: Duff Ferguson, Fractionals United board member, with the help of SteveAI

Where can I learn more?

Reach out to the , and we’ll help answer your questions or redirect you to one of our partners if they are better suited to help.


If you’re a company ready to hire fractionally, we’re with our large community of fractional leaders.

And if you’re a current or aspiring fractional leader, we have some resources for you:
Fractional Resources
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